GFT visited Safran Business Partners Meetings at Toulouse, France

GFT participated to the “Business Partners Meetings 2023” event which was organized by SAFRAN-SDS on 15th&16th of June 2023 in Toulouse, France.
GFT attended the event with its management team to participate in these meetings. During the event several B2B meetings were held by different Vice Presidents of Safran – SDS to discuss the update status of the projects in Türkiye. At the end of the event, SAFRAN awarded GFT as the partner with “The Best Improvement”performance. This award was presented to GFT by the CEO of SAFRAN-SDS Mr. Jean Marie Betermier.

GFT also attended the ETTC (European Test & Telemetry Conference 2023) event organized in the same area on the 13th&14th of June 2023.

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